Prospex Profile - New Zealand's Number One 12-Month Client Contact System For Real Estate Professionals
Prospex Profile - New Zealand's Number One 12-Month Client Contact System For Real Estate Professionals

Are You A Household Name?

You’re a busy real estate professional. Your days are taken up with responding to queries, organising open days, negotiating sales and more. Yet you know that the nuts and bolts of marketing and selling houses is only half the job. To get sales you need to get listings. And to get listings, you need to get known.

Prospex does this job for you.

The Prospex contact system sends out personalised postcards – featuring eye-catching images and practical information – to your database of potential clients.

With Prospex you will become the name on everyone’s fridge, in everyone’s recipe collection, on everyone’s noticeboard.
And when it comes time to sell their houses, you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips.

Look the part - You look, dress and act professionally in every other aspect of your job. So why would you rely on poorly-produced, unwanted newsletters for the vital role of communicating with potential clients? Complete the professional package with Prospex.
Don’t be a nuisance- Do you welcome junk mail? Or do you welcome free, useful tips, advice and recipes? Use Prospex to give your clients what they want. They’ll remember you for it!
Focus your energy - Don’t waste time and resources dreaming up new ways to communicate with clients. The costs of doing so - in labour, stationery, printing and effort - can mount up astonishingly quickly, and the result may not even be of a professional standard. Do what you do best - selling houses - and let Prospex do the rest.
Make it personal - Every rear layout of each postcard is individually composed for you by graphic design and communications professionals, in full consultation with yourself.
Set and forget - Your communication with clients will go out every month, automatically. The regularity of the Prospex system is integral to its success.
Proven results - Real estate professionals throughout New Zealand rave about the outcomes from using Prospex, leading to greater awareness, increased listings and more sales.

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